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June Schoenstatt Couple's Meeting


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May Blossoms for Mary at St Ann's Wayside Shrine

May Blossoms for Mary at St Ann's Wayside Shrine

The Schoenstatt Mothers at St Ann's wanted to offer May Blossoms to our Blessed Mother during her special month. Mary will have many visitors throughout the month and the Mothers wanted to surround the Wayside Shrine with a garden of flowers as expressions of love from her children. Working with Nick Bassi and the Knights of Columbus, the soil around the Wayside Shrine was tilled and a variety of hearty Texas flowers were planted for Mary. Roses, jasmine, begonias, marigolds and vincas each one symbolizing a little gift to our Mother, Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May!



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“Take this picture of the Blessed Mother and give it a place of honor in your home. Then your home will become a little shrine in which the picture of grace will mediate many graces, create a holy family atmosphere, and form holy family members.”

-Father Joseph Kentenich,
Founder of Schoenstatt
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