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“Commissioning/Recommissioning of Missionaries at Our Lady of Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine, Grapevine, TX September 14, 2019”

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“First Annual Fort Worth Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign Pilgrimage Day October 19, 2019”



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Let's Go See Blessed Mother! HURRY!!


Click here for the Oct 19 Flyer

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All Schoensatters are invited to the dedication of a daughter Schoensatt Shrine in Santa Cruz, Bolivia!

We want to give thanks to Bl Mother for the new and upcoming daughter shrine in Bolivia. 

On July 17, 2019.  Erika Franco de Farah gather for lunch with Laura Schuckenbrock and Martha Baldwin.  After lunch they went to the wayside shrine at All Saints.  


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Erika was visiting her daughter who lives in Dallas.  She is from Schoensatt in Bolivia. 
She wants to invite all Schoensatters to the dedication of a daughter Schoensatt Shrine in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. When? May 2nd 2020.
Get your passport
and visa ready. Bl Mother wants to take you to Santa Cruz de la Sierra en Bolivia. See the invitation below.     



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Monday Schoenstatt Rosary at St. Gabriel's.

On July 8th, 2019 the anniversary of our father and founder's birth into eternity we started the Monday Schoenstatt Rosary at St Gabriel at 10:00 AM.  All are invited. We open up with a song, reflection from the 5 covenant books, prayer, petitions from all who participate and finish with the Heavenward Rosary.  Come join us before noon mass in the Chapel every Monday.  110 St Gabriel Way Mckinney, Texas. 
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We would like to thank our dear Mother Thrice Admirable for calling Jim Moore to help us water her garden at the Schoenstatt Annunciation Shrine at St Gabriel.  Thank you Jim and the many mothers from St Gabriel for making sure the little garden will be well taken care of.  
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Schoenstatt May Crowning at St. Mark's on May 18, 2019

Father Raimundo Costa, Sr Heidi Infante and Sr Mara were present, as well as about 80 Schoenstatters. 
 Father Raimundo and some of his couples groups. 
Sr Heidi and the mothers from the Schoenstatt Mothers Branch of North Texas who were able to attend the May Crowning. 
Here we have Father Raimundo (Moderator for the Couples Branch), Sr M. Mara,( Moderator of the Girls Youth Branch) and Sr M. Heidi Infante (Moderator of the Mothers Branch in North Texas)  Pictures were taken by Laura Schuckenbrock at the May Crowning.
Here is the cake donated by Bea Romo. Thank you Bea! It was delicious! 
Fellowship after the May Crowning with lots of food to celebrate the beautiful event.
We give thanks for Veronica Knipe who is a member of the mothers branch and helps with all decorations.  She always makes the place look beautiful!
Sr M. Heidi Infante did a beautiful job with her musical talent.
Patricia Bowlin carried the Confidentia Shrine picture in the offertory procession in thanksgiving for our shrine and the sixty year anniversary that we will celebrate this coming October.
Graciela Brock, Bea Romo and Patricia in the offertory procession.
Sr M. Heidi Infante did a beautiful job with her musical talent.
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Sr. Heidi and some of our mothers.

This is picture represents some of the mothers in the mothers branch of North Texas with our moderator, Sr M. Heidi Infante.



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May Crowning Pictures from St. Mark's

These pictures are from St Mark’s May Crowning on May 4th.  Patricia Bowlin had the honor of Crowning Blessed Mother. The Schoensatt mothers from St Mark’s asked her if she would do it in thanksgiving for her service and dedication to their group. 

See Fr Jovita in the pictures and the many parishioners who participated in the event. 

We give thanks for all the graces that we received.  




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Pictures from the beautiful May Crowning at St Gabriel the Archangel in McKinney

This has been a jubilee gift from 2014 from our mother and Queen at St Gabriel.  Our dear Fr Don has been doing at faithfully and commissioning missionaries of the Rosary Campaign for now six years.  He does everything with so much love and joy.  This year because of a conflict he had he asked Fr Martin Castaneda from St Ann’s to do the mass and our Schoenstatt May Crowning.  
We had a beautiful holy mass and the whole parish was invited to celebrate.  After that we processed to the Annunciation Statue did our PRAYERS and Crowning and finish at the Schoensatt Wayside Shrine Of the Annunciation.   Father let us put our MTA picture inside for holy mass and asked us to crown the brand new statute outside.  It was suppose to be raining with big storms but we ask St Joseph to help us with the weather and it didn’t rain.  The whole parish enjoyed the event.  Little Elizabeth crowned Bl Mother, “ Queen of St Gabriel the Archangel.”

We had coffee and refreshments afterwards at St Marys room and a brief talk on Schoensatt spirituality.  It was a heavenly day for the whole parish.  Our Bl Mother of Schoensatt was very happy to have all her children gather around her. Thank you Father Don and Fr Martin for giving your yes to Bl Mother. 


View Photos here:



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You are Invited! to the May Crowning. Wednesday, May 1st.


Click here for Invitation

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50th Annual Schoenstatt Boys Walk: July 13-14, 2019

More information can be found in the link below:



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ADVENT 2018 AT St. Gabriel - Video


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All Saints Mothers Group Welcomes New Leader

All Saints Mothers Group welcomes new leader, Belsie Pinero. We are deeply thankful to Patricia Bowlin for the many years of leadership. Patricia is moving to Seattle in May and will be greatly missed! 



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Walk of the Incarnation and "Baskets for Mary"



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Save the Date: May Crowning!




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Congratulations Krista Hayes for becoming our newest coordinator of the Rosary Campaign at St Gabriel the Archangel in Mckinney!

Congratulations Krista Hayes for becoming our newest coordinator of the Rosary Campaign at St Gabriel the Archangel in Mckinney. 
Krista works three days a week as a preschool teacher and is planning on sharing the Bl Mother with her students and parents.  Many she already knows from being on a rotation.  She is so excited and looks forward taking our mother into many homes and families. 
We also want to give thanks to Father Robert Williams for commissioning Krista and doing such a beautiful job. 
She is the great missionary, She will work miracles! 
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Wayside Shrine at St. Ann's Receives TLC!

The Wayside Shrine at St Ann’s has recently received lots of tender loving care. Over the last few years, the Shrine had experienced flooding and mud slide damage which worsened each time it rained. The Knights of Columbus offered to remedy the problem and installed a trench to redirect the rainwater to flow out to the grass area versus the inside of the Shrine. They braved the coldest and one of the most windy days in January to accomplish this work for our Blessed Mother. We are so grateful for Steven Klespis, Head Knight, who authorized the project, Tom Bailey, the original builder of the Shrine who designed the trench solution and all the other Knights who came out to do this hard work!  Blessed Mother smilies on her Knights!                                       
The second  surprise for Our Lady’s Shrine came from Raul Montes,  a high school student, who designed a garden improvement project. He volunteered to plant a new garden for the Blessed Mother, and this work would help him earn his Eagle Scout Badge. Raul, his  Father and some fellow Eagle Scouts worked  to plant a new garden with heat resistant flowers and plants. The flowers and new brick work look beautiful! Finally, our wonderful St Ann’s Maintenance Representative, Jose, coordinated the installation of some sprinkler heads so the garden could be watered.  We could see the hand of the Blessed Mother in all parts of this project coming together. The Schoenstatt Mothers wish to thank Father Henry Petter for authorizing this project, Jennifer Lindsey who helped us so much in the overall coordination, The Knights of Columbus and Raul Montes for giving their time and working so hard to make the Wayside Shrine a beautiful place for Mary!  We keep you all in our prayers. May Our Blessed Mother shower her graces on you and your families and the St Ann’s Parish.                               
The Schoenstatt Mothers of St Ann’s 
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On the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Father Joseph Kentenich by Cardinal Farrell: Prayer Card

On November 13, 2018, Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell, prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life, and formerly Bishop of Dallas, Texas, delivered a truly impressive sermon at the Church of S. Maria dell'Anima in Rome, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Father Joseph Kentenich which also marked the closing of the Father Kentenich Year. The fact that the cardinal responsible for movements, had such insights with regard to Father Kentenich without contributions from members of the Schoenstatt Movement, is enough reason to take a closer look at this text, as Father Heinrich Walter, a member of the international coordination office of the Schoenstatt Movement, writes.

Dear brothers and sisters,

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Father Joseph Kentenich, the prayers and readings of the Mass of the "Sorrows of Mary" were chosen, a liturgical memorial that celebrates the Church every year on September 15. On that day, 50 years ago, Father Kentenich died after the Mass of the Sorrowful Mother of God in the sacristy of the Trinity Church in Schoenstatt. This is how Mary sealed the life of her beloved Son. We too are looking at Mary at this moment.

The just proclaimed gospel has given us a picture that is very close to our hearts: "His mother stood at the cross of Jesus." With these simple words, the evangelist describes the silent presence of Mary beside her dying son. A presence that is not passive and resigned, but full of prayer, inner participation in the suffering

of the Son, the offering for the salvation of the world. In this dramatic and solemn moment as the "hour" of transition to the Father approaches, Jesus, from the Cross, entrusts his "disciple whom he loved" to his mother: "Woman, behold, your son," and the mother to the disciple: "Behold, your mother." The Church tradition has understood since ancient times that these words had no private meaning, they were not a "family affair," not a simple childlike piety towards a mother who was about to remain alone, but they had a profound universal meaning. Neither Mary nor John are named, but only the "woman" and the "disciple" are mentioned. And so, we can appreciate that in John all disciples, who will believe in him and follow him are "loved by the Lord.” While at that moment, Mary embodies in herself that "daughter of Zion," of whom the prophecies spoke, and not only the "scattered children of Israel," she also welcomed "the whole people" who would come to the temple in Jerusalem in search of the "face of God." Mary is the fulfillment of this prophecy! She is now the universal Mother who receives all those who approach Christ, the true temple, the true "face of God," the true Savior of the world. That is one of the reasons why she is called by the solemn name "woman."

And it is significant that Jesus only after this delivery of the disciple to his mother and the mother to the disciples says: "Everything is accomplished." Only after he has entrusted us to Mary does Jesus feel that he has fulfilled his mission! The institution of the universal motherhood of Mary for all believers thus completes the work of salvation. Dear friends, this Marian maternity was for Father Kentenich not a theological truth learned from books, but an experience that lived in his own flesh and blood when, at the age of only eight, he entered the orphanage, his own mother entrusted him to the Mother of God. It was a painful but at the same time god willed episode. From then on, the maternal care of Mary, her protection and her closeness were the solid foundations upon which the whole spiritual life of the young Joseph developed. We can say that Father Kentenich, from an early age, had received the great grace to root his heart in the love of Mary and through her in the love of the Lord. This is the secret of an authentic Christian life: the heart united with God, the mind and the works animated by this union! If the Christian life remains sterile, it is because the opposite often happens: the mind turns to the divine truths, the action strives for effective results, but the heart is far from God.

Father Kentenich, who had rooted his heart in God, was able to encounter through Mary with extraordinary courage, strength, and perseverance the many crosses which life had in store for him: his often-weak health, his imprisonment in the Dachau concentration camp, the bitter incomprehension of the Church and his forced alienation from his homeland and work for 14 long years. In all

these trials, he too, like Mary, "stayed near the cross." He offered his sacrifice together with the sacrifice of Christ for the benefit of souls and was confident that Mary herself would make good use of the painful trials he was experiencing: Mater habebit curam (Mother will take care), so he loved to repeatedly trust. His personal experience also led to his extraordinary educational work. He knew that if they were left at the mercy of meaningless and transient emotions and passions, young people would run the risk of deviating and losing themselves. He understood that the first step for them, too, was to make a "covenant of love" with Mary, which has become the hallmark of Schoenstatt's spirituality. In practice, it is about living "in a covenant" with Mary so that, through her intercession, personal commitment to sanctification and the apostolate in the world may bear fruit.

Father Kentenich was certain from the founding act of the Schoenstatt Movement that before the beginning of any educational work it was necessary to "bind" the heart to a secure foundation in order to prevent it from being exposed to the arbitrary waves of the time. He knew based on his personal experience that when the heart is surrendered to Mary, it is spontaneously directed towards loving God and others in God. And indeed, Father Kentenich was a great educator: his goal was always to build strong and mature personalities, but especially free people. Free from external conditioning, free from social pressure, free from the wrong values of the world, capable of clinging to the Christian faith from the bottom of the heart and not just in appearance. To be able to testify to this belief in every social environment and to take apostolic initiatives independently, courageously and with foresight. Thus, Father Kentenich became a true father to many young people, lay people, seminarians, priests, consecrated women, and groups of families who found in him a safe and wise guide to accompany them with loving- kindness and clear vision of growth in the faith and the full compliance with their vocation. Above all, this man of God was a true son of the church. He loved the Congregation of the Pallottines, in which, according to the plan of providence, his priestly vocation was born and developed. He was generous in the spiritual formation of many priests who came by the thousands to follow his retreats and meetings. He loved the whole great spiritual family, who breathed life into the Schoenstatt Movement, a "tree," as it can be said, from where many "branches" emerged: the Secular Institutes, the Pilgrim Movement, the Apostolic Leagues, and the Apostolic Federations.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, like all founders of new ecclesiastical realities who were inspired by the Holy Spirit for the renewal of the Church, Fr. Kentenich was also an instrument that God chose, and that God enriched with many gifts and special graces. Perhaps it is not possible to reflect all the spiritual richness of his

personality, but you, his spiritual children, can be inspired by some of the characteristics of his charism and his work, which are closer to your nature and which you consider more urgent in the social context, in which we live. For some it will be the pedagogical work of educating youth, for others the acceptance of a serious personal path of sanctification, for others the Christian witness in the work environment or the missionary impulse, or the work of paternity and of spiritual direction, or the apostolate of prayer, the spread of Marian devotion in families, and many others. Remember that church charisms continue to be alive over the years, when they are faithfully received and accepted by generous and upright people and actualized for each new generation to come. May the Virgin Mary, who is especially revered by you as the Mother Thrice Admirable, accompany you and help you on your personal and communal path of sanctification and apostolate. Amen.

(Unauthorized translation of the original Italian version by Sr. M. Danielle Peters, proofread by Kristen Martinez).

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SAVE THE DATE Schoenstatt Mothers of North Texas Annual Diocesan Morning of Reflection Date: Saturday Morning, February 2, 2019






Schoenstatt Mothers of North Texas

Annual Diocesan Morning of Reflection


Date: Saturday Morning, February 2, 2019

On the Special Feast of the Presentation of the Lord





Location: St Ann’s Parish in Coppell, 180 Samuel Boulevard, Coppell, Tx. 75019



8 AM Holy Mass in the St. Ann’s Chapel.

Event to follow immediately after Mass.



9:00 AM- 12:30 PM continental breakfast, prayer, song, 

reflections and community in room 330 in Parish Center


Nursery: Room 306

Must make reservation a week prior to event and fill out required form.


Guest Speaker

Sister M. Heidi Infante, Schoenstatt Sister of Mary from Confidentia Shrine in Lamar 



We  look forward to welcoming you!




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Holy Mass of Gratitude and Re-Opening!

Dear Mothers,
Greetings! Hoping everything is well with you as preparations for Thanksgiving are on the way. 
Attached I am sending an invitation to you now, and very sorry that it is so late, but we thought this had already been sent from the Shrine.
 Please note if you plan to comeRSVP by next week, to the given contact phone or email on the invitation. 
It would be great to have you there. Another observation is that not all the buildings are done as we had hoped for, so there is no possibility for overnight stay. However, the celebration is mainly in gratitude for all the generous help we have received from you.
Thank you so much! May God reward you and may your Thanksgiving be very blessed!
In the Covenant of Love, Sister M. Heidi
P.S. Please remember to RSVP by next week if you can come. Thanks!

Attachments area


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“Take this picture of the Blessed Mother and give it a place of honor in your home. Then your home will become a little shrine in which the picture of grace will mediate many graces, create a holy family atmosphere, and form holy family members.”

-Father Joseph Kentenich,
Founder of Schoenstatt
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