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Blessed Mother’s Birthday On October 18, 2021

The Schoenstatt Mothers Branch of North Texas gathered on Saturday, September 18 to celebrate the Blessed Mother’s Birthday. Many attended the holy mass at 5:30 PM.

We give thanks that Sister M. Heidi Infante, moderator of the Mother Branch in Texas, was able to be with us for the special night.

A huge thanks to Sister Gloria Mauricio, Moderator of the Rosary Campaign and Mother Superior of the Schoenstatt Sister of Mary for her very special visit.
She gave us a very needed presentation on the rules and regulations of the Rosary Campaign.

I think all of heaven was celebrating with us on Covenant Day, the Birth of the one who is full of grace, our dear Blessed Mother.

We thank our dear Sister M. Heidi for her beautiful music and talk that she prepared with so much love.

We could feel an atmosphere of peace and joy. Something we all seek during these difficult times.

The Schoenstatt Mothers from St Gabriel worked very hard on making the night extra special with beautiful decorations, flowers, cake, punch juice and cookies for all to enjoy.

We ended the night with an honor guard procession, lead by the leaders. The mothers presented a flower and their intentions as they knelt down by the auxiliary shrine.
Sister M, Heidi took our intentions to the shrine with her to present to our MTA. 

The night ended at the wayside shrine singing; “My Queen, My Mother.”

The Schoenstatt Mother Branch is looking forward to our next event, The Christ Child at St Gabriel the Archangel. On Saturday November 20, 2021 from 10AM to 12:30.

All Mothers and Married Women are invited!

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“Take this picture of the Blessed Mother and give it a place of honor in your home. Then your home will become a little shrine in which the picture of grace will mediate many graces, create a holy family atmosphere, and form holy family members.”

-Father Joseph Kentenich,
Founder of Schoenstatt
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