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Miracles Happened!!


On Thursday October 7th, 2021 
the faithful gathered at St Gabriel the Archangel in Mckinney, to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  We prayed all four mysteries in many languages and it was a night of tremendous miracles.

We ended the night with a candlelight procession around the Church and finished at the wayside shrine by renewing our consecration to Bl Mother. 

- Many - miracles were reported. One person who suffered from sciatica pain in her back for months was instantly healed after the procession as we arrived at the Schoenstatt wayside shrine. 

Another person burn her finger that day and was in excruciating pain. She was putting ice every 3 minutes on it to be able to tolerate the pain. By the time we started the Sorrowful mystery she was instantly healed, she reported.  

A third person was praying since May for a job after graduating from Pharmaceutical school. She got a job a few days later. 

Two people who carried Bl Mother in the procession claimed that at one point they were not carrying her, She was suspended in mid air. Glory to God!!

We give thanks to our dear MTA for outdoing herself in generosity and healing her children. 

All are invited for next year’s feast of Our Lady of the Rosary at St Gabriel, at 7PM. 
110 St Gabriel Way, McKinney 

With heartfelt love we thank you Mother dear….


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“Take this picture of the Blessed Mother and give it a place of honor in your home. Then your home will become a little shrine in which the picture of grace will mediate many graces, create a holy family atmosphere, and form holy family members.”

-Father Joseph Kentenich,
Founder of Schoenstatt
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